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Developing wellbeing is at the very heart of my vision.

This week I had the extremely valuable opportunity to meet with other headteachers from around the country. I attended a Junior Heads’ Conference which was thought provoking, challenging and affirming in equal measure.
Various speakers presented sessions on leadership skills, curriculum developments and inspection requirements. However, what consistently came through was the need for a focus to teach pupils the personal and emotional skills of resilience, self motivation and very importantly, adaptability. These skills will then give them the knowledge and strategies necessary to flourish, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially throughout their lives.
Another theme running through the conference was the importance of understanding and working on our ‘green zone’. This was not a new eco initiative, but a way of focussing on what we can influence and taking positive steps to make a difference where we will have impact. This was expounded by Paul McGee (the sumoguy.com) in an inspiring presentation, I would recommend taking a look at his work. It is all too easy to feel helpless at times when faced with challenges or looking at the world around us. Paul’s personal story and positive strategies certainly spoke to me this week and reminded me of the prayer for serenity which sums up our need to focus our talents wisely.
I am determined to give your daughters the very best in order that they can be their very best; and my commitment to developing their wellbeing is at the very heart of my vision.

Warm wishes for the week ahead.


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