Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Staff know their pupils and tutees extremely well. ISI March 2011

Pastoral care is an acknowledged strength of Talbot Heath and stems from a positive partnership between pupils, parents and teachers. We strive to foster home/school links and we value parental participation in school activities. 

From the initial meeting with parents and throughout their education at Talbot Heath, great care is taken to ensure that every child is respected, cared for and treated as an individual. The whole school maintains a happy, family atmosphere based on mutual respect where pupils learn the skills to live harmoniously, whilst respecting diversity.

We have an excellent relationship with our parents, who have easy access to the staff and are well informed, both formally and informally, about their daughter’s well-being and academic progress.

Efficient systems are in place to ensure that all of the girls are able to socialise happily with their peers and our PSE and citizenship lessons help to prepare the pupils to contribute positively to all aspects of school life and the wider community. Every pupil has a tutor who oversees pastoral care on a daily basis and all staff are ready to respond promptly to queries and concerns raised by girls and their parents.

All parents have access to a secure Parent Portal through which they can access school reports, attendance information and all letters sent home. They can also access the School’s intranet which holds more specific information on the school’s curriculum and events.