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A positive, growth mindset.

Over the last week I have had the great privilege of interviewing across the school for various roles. I really enjoy interviewing as I love meeting new people, finding out about them and hearing about their experiences and motivations. 

What has struck me in particular in the last week is that, as I have asked candidates why they have applied for the role, how highly people regard TH, the staff and the pupils. As  Head I am determined to keep our reputation for high academic standards whilst creating a supportive, nurturing inspirational environment where every pupil and member of staff can flourish, follow their interests, express their creativity and be the best they can be. For me, school is, of course, about achieving academically, but I believe this is inextricably linked with an emphasis on nurturing positive, confident, happy pupils who know how to treat others and are ready to embrace  their futures. It has been heartwarming and affirming to hear that candidates understand this and can see it in action around our school. 

We nurturing confident happy pupils – as well as plants and veg!

After the interview comes the decision of who to appoint; thankfully I do not do this alone. I am very aware that at this point I am going to cause disappointment and also have a pivotal influence over another person’s life. A responsibility I take very very seriously. 

These decisions caused me to reflect on the way pupils used to be categorised by teachers when I was at school. Sadly, pupils were judged as, ‘Good at English, but poor at Art.’ ‘Brilliant at Maths but hopeless at French.’ This closed, pre-determined outlook is thankfully now banished. 

Look at the determination on this young gardeners face!

Here at Talbot Heath, we have a positive, growth mindset, encouraging every pupil to try their best, work hard, grab every opportunity and know that with determination and resilience anything is possible. 

Seeing our school through the fresh eyes of our candidates this week, has once again reminded me of what a very special school we have here, and what an honour it is to lead and serve the Junior School. 

Warm wishes for the week ahead.


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