Building blocks and firm foundations.

Guest blog post from #LizPugh, TH Head of Junior School

“Give me a child before they are seven and I’ll show you the man”

This Jesuit quote from over 500 years ago, although now tarnished with overtones of indoctrination, does in fact allude to the truth that what we learn as young children does greatly influence the rest of our lives.
At Talbot Heath we know that the first steps in a girl’s educational journey will influence the path on which she progresses. As an all through girls’ school welcoming girls aged from 3-18, we ensure that those first steps are supported by excellent educational opportunities, compassionate pastoral care and the fostering of a growth mindset to help every girl develop her potential as an effective learner. We carefully equip each girl with the building blocks and firm foundations on which she can build her knowledge throughout her time in education and beyond.

Our classes, of optimal size, are overseen by experienced, passionate professional teachers, ably supported by highly trained Teaching Assistants. Our Pre Prep and Junior department is housed in spacious, well equipped buildings set within our beautiful woodland campus. Our outstanding results at EYFS, Senior School entry level, GCSE and A level are testament to our dedicated staff and very effective teaching and learning styles.

We provide excellent pastoral care, founded on the principles of compassion, honesty and integrity as set out by our founder, Mary Broad, in 1886. We have a recently refurbished boarding house where girls from Year 4 are welcome to stay for flexible periods of time and benefit from the nurturing family environment and homely atmosphere. 

Our secure environment enables girls to develop outward, innovative attitudes ready to take on the world and be confident contributors to the society of the future.
Talbot Heath, catering for girls from 3-18, provides a unique and very special atmosphere of aspiration, underpinned by compassion. Here we can develop self confident pupils who have the freedom to experiment and revel in exploration and learning, whilst fostering robust mental and physical well being. All pupils are actively encouraged to seize the numerous opportunities provided and helped to develop a healthy resilience and perseverance when encountering challenge.
From Reception, when aged 4, girls make use of Senior School facilities and specialist staff in subjects such as PE and Music. This close link with Senior School increases year on year as pupils benefit from our purpose built music school, drama studios, computer suites and our cutting-edge Interdisciplinary Hub, incorporating new sports facilities and a new swimming pool opening in the Spring of 2019. In this al- through setting there are opportunities for vertical groupings to encourage empathy with fellow pupils; these are invaluable in developing qualities of compassion and understanding and they bond us together as one learning community.
Our House system, run for all pupils from Kindergarten to Upper 6th and award programme named after our motto “Honour before Honours,” all foster a tangible feeling of being in one school, sharing the same values and ethos.

Send your daughter to TH and we will show you a confident, interested, positive, principled and caring young woman ready to make her unique mark in the world.

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