Engineering Egyptians in Year 3

Year 3 were recently transported back in time to Ancient Egypt via the STEAM Hub. Visiting Pharaohs from the Nile were looking for new Egyptian engineers as recruits for their pyramid building empire. Students learned all about Egyptian inventions and how clever they were; from this they then took part in a stone carving challenge using mallets and chisels to engrave hieroglyphics.

Following this, they learned how the first pyramids were actually made using mud bricks, which was an excuse for Year 3 to get very messy indeed. The girls made their own versions and some mud even ended up in the moulds (it was a long afternoon cleaning up!) The last challenge of the day was for the girls to work in groups to create the most accurate step pyramid possible using bricks. They had to work as a team to transport the bricks via sleds and then follow a plan to build the perfect pyramid.

Pharaoh Morris was very pleased to note that all of pupils were awarded their 'Ancient Egyptian Engineers' badge and will be starting work in the Egyptian quarry very soon…


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