EPQ Presentation Evening – November 2022

As always, the Upper 6 students have worked extremely hard on their EPQ projects and were pleased to welcome visitors to discuss their projects with staff, fellow pupils and family members. As well as the usual dissertation style projects, two students completed artefact projects this year: Taya M has created a book exploring different representations of Joan of Arc in Art and literature and Alisha S has recreated a dress from an 1898 portrait using the historical techniques and fabrics available at the time.

The students spoke enthusiastically and articulately about their projects throughout the evening, impressing the audience with the depth of their knowledge and the quality of their presentation boards and artefacts. The topics were as ever wide-ranging, including the drug use in the Vietnam War, how the pandemic impacted the luxury fashion industry, Christian and Buddhist beliefs about Euthanasia, and ADHD in men and women.

Mrs Holloway congratulated the students on their excellent efforts, stating: ‘This event is always a highlight of the year for me; our pupils produce work of undergraduate level of which they can be justly proud and as a result, the school annually achieves outstanding results for EPQ. Well done.’

Mrs Karanja also congratulated the students on their outstanding presentations and hard work, wishing them luck with the final stages of their project. She also thanked supervisors for the excellent work they have done to support students from the development of their initial idea to the final outcome.

Name Title
Isabelle  How closely do the French or English methods of statutory interpretation lead to outcomes which the statute intended to achieve?
Jasmine  To what extent has the pandemic impacted the luxury fashion industry?
Hettie  In what ways does the design of a prison affect prisoners’ psychological state?
India  Is ADHD more diagnosed in men than in women?
Taya  To what extent has Joan of Arc been portrayed as a figure of female empowerment in art and literature?Artefact: Book
Alex  To what extent has the existence of social media impacted the music industry?
Olivia  How do Christians’ beliefs about euthanasia compare to those of Buddhists?
Ruby  What were the reasons for high levels of illegal drug use by American GIs during the Vietnam War?
Alisha  What are the challenges of recreating the gown from the 1898 portrait of Edith Kington Gould using the historical techniques and fabrics available at that time?Artefact: Dress


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