Use of Images of Pupils Junior School

At Talbot Heath, there will be times where we may take photographs of pupils at school to celebrate daily life, to use in our school prospectus or other printed publications that we produce, as well as on our website and social media channels. We may also make video recordings for the aforementioned purposes as well as for school-school conferences, monitoring or other educational use. From time to time the media may take photographs or film footage of a specific event at school, and pupils will often appear in these images that may appear in local press or on televised news programmes.

For the security of your child, we have CCTV on site which is in action 24 hours a day and the footage is stored securely. Footage is stored for a maximum of 2 weeks.

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation we require parental consent (and pupil consent for those pupils aged 13 and over) to take and use images of your child. We really value taking photographs of pupils, to be able to showcase what pupils are doing in our school. We are proud of their achievements, so would very much appreciate your consent to take photos and video in the ways described above. If you are not happy for us to do so, we can accommodate your preferences. If you give consent, but change your mind in the future, you can withdraw consent at any time by emailing the school office.

Please note:

∙ We do not publish pupil names associated with images. If this is ever required, we would always seek additional consent on a case by case basis.

∙ The school will still process images of your child that are necessary for administration of the school, or where the school is lawfully entitled to do so. It may not be possible to change printed publications, such as the school prospectus, or third party publications.

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