Our Junior children LOVE reading and can’t wait to visit the libraries.

The Pre Prep library is a sunny room, resourced with over 2,000 stimulating non-fiction and fiction books suitable for all of our younger readers. All of the children in EYFs and Key Stage 1 visit their library every week to borrow books and enjoy stories in the company of their friends and teachers.Some of the books have a corresponding “story bag”, complete with puppets or small toys to complement and enhance the children’s understanding and enjoyment of that particular story. In addition to using the Pre Prep library, our year 2 pupils also visit the Junior Department library to enable them to have increased access to an even wider range of literature.

The Junior Department library, which is used by the Junior pupils for their weekly library lessons, houses nearly 7,000 books, audio stories and a computer for researching topics. It is a happy area, with chairs and bean bags for girls to continue discovering literature from different genres to inform, entrance and delight them. The library is also supervised every lunch time for girls who wish to change their books even more frequently.

Caroline Lawrence (Roman Mysteries), John Dougherty (The Niteracy Hour and Zeus on the Loose) and Ali Sparkes (Unleashed and the Switch series) have been our most recent authors to visit the Junior School to inspire the girls their love and enjoyment of literature.