National acclaim for Talbot Heath School

Angharad Holloway TBN Headshot 2 (1)

Head, Angharad Holloway, shortlisted for the i25 Excellence in Education Awards.

I am delighted to announce Talbot Heath School has been named as one of the most innovative and influential independent schools in the country. I will be attending the i25 Excellence in Education Awards event in London at which I will present the school’s groundbreaking educational model. This term the school is also being showcased by NESTA, the international innovation foundation, at its global conference so that others can see how its educational model for the future is transforming the teaching and learning of pupils.

The Junior School curriculum at Talbot Heath, in particular, is like no other in the UK. Pupils from the age of three are taught design-thinking, material science, coding and problem solving. They consider how Jack might have transported twice as many golden eggs down the beanstalk in half the time using a pulley system, how the billy goats might have avoided the troll altogether by constructing a simple pontoon bridge of their own or how the three bears might have avoided the damage done by Goldilocks by constructing their chairs differently.

angahard holloway chair project

Mrs Holloway discusses chair construction with Pre-Prep pupils in a DT lesson, part of our new Interdisciplinary Curriculum

An exciting collaboration with Virtual Reality experts in Bournemouth is allowing pupils to walk inside their designs and creations, swim with blue whales, walk with dinosaurs, explore the pyramids. They learn to view the world both from a material and virtual perspective, spending time outdoors in a wonderful woodland campus while also accessing the new STEAM Hub with its robotics, art, design, textiles, holographic and augmented reality spaces.

image1 (4)Prep-Prep teachers working in a virtual world.
32084595283_d968443d0b_oForest School in our own beautiful woods.

A combination of dynamic lessons, expert teachers and outstanding pastoral care means that pupils are embracing these exciting new opportunities with gusto. They relish the chance to project their artworks across whole buildings-programming lighting, images and film footage under the guidance of university and industry experts. They cannot wait to embrace the exciting future that awaits them.

hub night

Our state of the art STEAM Hub will be open this Spring.  This includes a 600 seat auditorium, lecture theatres, virtual reality space, holographic studio, robotics studio, graphic design studio, art/textiles studios, design technology studio, drama studios, food tech department, cafe and swimming pool.
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