Our history shall continue to inform our present and shape our future. 

We received so many lovely messages from former pupils who watched our live streamed birthday service on the 30th, that I decided to look back through our archives and find photographs of the service throughout the school’s history. Talbot Heath has been celebrating its birthday since it was founded in 1886. There has always been a service, cake and an afternoon off (so that pupils can head to the beach ).

The current format of service started in 1936, the year that the current school site was opened. At that juncture, the processional hymn, and heading out to the front quad and parapet was introduced. Generations of Talbot Heath pupils have been ‘ turning’ in unison on the words ‘ adoration’ in our processional hymn, and singing along the corridors, under the watchful eye of staff. Pupils no longer have to wear their straw hats and white gloves, but the words of the hymns and prayers have stayed the same.

We are proud of our heritage and traditions – they are a common thread that is woven across the decades and centuries. I love the fact that the pandemic has now opened up this special day to our whole community, so that alumnae, parents and governors, can all participate in our special day.

I hope you enjoy the photographs; we are setting up a full digital archive of photographs, documents and artefacts at the school this year, which will provide a wonderful resource to the whole TH community. In addition, we will be developing an archive space, so that pupils ( current and former) and staff will have access to our wonderful treasure trove of items, going back 135 years.

Our history shall continue to inform our present and shape our future. 


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