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Resilience, friendship and kindness

Last week saw 4B hold our first class assembly for two years! It was such a treat to be able to invite and welcome parents into school; to meet, chat, share a coffee and then enjoy seeing the pupils present their assembly to a live audience of friends and relations. 4B spoke about their ambitions for the future and what they needed to do in order to achieve these. After testimonies from ‘old girls’ about what TH had taught them and the song ‘When I grow up’  there was barely a dry eye in the house!

What struck me throughout was that three words kept being repeated: resilience, friendship and kindness. Not only is it these three things that have kept us all going throughout the last two years, but what defines us as a school. We teach our girls the importance of resilience so that they learn how to learn. We cherish and nurture friendships to nourish their wellbeing and underpin all our actions with kindness to teach compassion for everyone. 

I hope when 4B, and every pupil currently in our school, grows up and achieves their ambitions, they will remember and draw on these key values learned during their primary years. 

Warm wishes for the week ahead.


Watch some testimonies from former pupils on ‘What TH taught us’
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