Talbot Heath English Awards 2024

Two separate prizes for endeavour in writing and reading have been awarded by the English department as part of this year’s Speech Day.

The Milner Memorial Writing Prize was created to honour the memory of former TH English teacher Mrs Barbara Milner, and to celebrate outstanding writing in the school. Barbara began working in the English department at TH in November 1958, later becoming Head of English in September 1984, sharing her passion for literature and learning, before she retired in July 1991. She generously bequeathed funds to the English department when she passed away two years ago. The winner of the award this year is Upper 4’s Charlotte M who has consistently displayed a confident and sharp level of skill, detail and maturity in her writing, especially in one so young and she was nominated by the English department for her excellent achievements.

Last year, witnessed the inaugural presentation of the Milner Memorial Writing Prize and was awarded to Roya N-H, [then in Upper 4] for her outstanding presentation on the rights of women in Iran, that was deeply personal, insightful and extremely well written.

The Macpherson Reading Award celebrates pupils who make an outstanding contribution to the reading culture at Talbot Heath. The award was initiated by Dr Alexina L Macpherson during her reign as Headmistress at Talbot Heath between 1956 and 1976, and it has recently been reinstated to acknowledge endeavour in reading at the school. This year, the reading prize is awarded to Philippa T in Upper 3, for her efforts during both the sponsored read, ‘Read for Good’ and for her enthusiasm and dedication to reading throughout the year.

Last year, the winner of the Macpherson Reading Award went to Eliana E [then in Upper 3] also for efforts during ‘Read for Good’, but also using her initiative to win a collection of books that she kindly donated to the school library.

Congratulations go to each of the recipients of the English prizes and to the English department for their continued efforts to inspire and encourage pupils’ English.

More prizes for this year’s ‘Read for Good’ challenge will be announced shortly…


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