Talbot Heath Juniors Impress at the Bournemouth Schools Swimming Gala

After participating in training sessions and fully engaging with the Swimming Pathway program, the promising young members of Talbot Heath found themselves thrust into the heart of the action at the Bournemouth Schools Gala, hosted by Swim Bournemouth. It was an exciting moment for certain Year 5 and 6 students, as they stepped onto the stage behind the swimming blocks for the very first time, poised to test the waters and showcase their swimming skills. In a display of the team TH spirit, it was not just their parents in attendance at the event; fellow classmates emerged, standing by the poolside, ready to provide support for the competing teams.

Year 5 Gala – 

Under the steady guidance of Coach Louis and Team Managers/Mums Liz and Charlene, the gala commenced with an air of anticipation as Year 5 Gala started.  Talbot Heath proudly fielded not just one, but two teams in the competition.

It was truly a remarkable showcase of talent and determination from the pupils, kicking off the competition with undeniable prowess. In the opening events, both the Talbot Heath Blue Team and Talbot Heath Red Team clinched a remarkable 1-2 finish. Jess M shone brightly, securing Gold in the 50m Backstroke, with Grace F closely following to claim the silver. The momentum continued as in the 50m Breaststroke, Grave M emerged victorious with Gold, while Meadow T gracefully secured the silver medal. The excitement surged in the 25m Butterfly, where Jess M of the Blue Team notched her second medal of the evening, seizing the silver, while Kiara proudly grabbed the Bronze.  As the individual races reached their pinnacle, Grave M from the Blue Team showcased her unwavering skill once more, securing her second medal of the evening with a commendable silver in the 50m Freestyle event. Additionally, Charley C displayed remarkable effort, finishing in 6th place, in the same event contributing to the team’s overall determination and success.

The anticipation surged as the focus turned towards the relay events, igniting the poolside atmosphere with soprano range cheering. In the 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay, the Blue Team’s dynamic quartet of Angelica, Kezia, Jess, and Grace surged ahead, seizing double gold medals in. Meanwhile, in the Red Team, AiVy, Grace, Kiara, and Charley combined their efforts, earning a well-deserved Bronze Medal in the freestyle relay. In the4 x 25m Medley Relay, where each stroke brought forth a new challenge, the Red Team’s combination of Grace, Meadow, Kiara, and AiVy brilliant secured the Bronze Medal in impressive style. This triumphant feat ensured that each Year 5 pupil from Talbot Heath departed with at least one medal clutched in their hands, a testament to their hard work and dedication.


Year 6 Gala – 

After the exhilarating showcase put on by the Year 5 pupils, the spotlight now shifted to the Year 6 students, many of whom were novices in the realm of competitive swimming. Undaunted by the challenge, these first-time competitors fearlessly approached the race blocks, ready to make their mark and once again illuminate the pool with their emerging talent and Talbot Heath spirit. Coach Louis was joined by Team Manager and Mum Isi who guided the team to impressive performances.

In a thrilling set of races, the youthful talents of Talbot Heath continued to dazzle and shine under the pool lights. Opening the stage was Zaara S, in the100m Freestyle, securing a commendable fourth-place finish with sheer determination and unwavering effort, an impressive feat against the backdrop of the region’s seasoned club swimmers.

The spotlight then shifted to Eloise P, who displayed remarkable tenacity in conquering her pre-race jitters, culminating in an astonishing victory in the 50m Backstroke event. Witnessing her triumph, she glanced around the pool in disbelief, marking a memorable moment of triumph.

Returning for her second swim of the night, Zaara S was resolute in her pursuit of a medal and left no stone unturned, clinching a well-deserved Silver in the challenging 50m Breaststroke event. The thrill of victory continued as Yasmin G dove into the pool for the 25m Butterfly, showcasing unparalleled speed and technique to claim the Bronze, a testament to her unmatched arm agility.

Highlighting her prowess and stamina, Yasmin G then seized the opportunity in the 50m Freestyle event. Her resolute performance culminated in a second Gold for the Talbot Heath team.

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the evening’s relay events, Peyton, in her debut appearance on the competitive swimming stage, fearlessly united with teammates Yasmin, Zaara, and Eloise. Displaying raw talent and unwavering determination, this quartet refused to be outshone by the Year 5 participants; so they too rose to the occasion, capturing the spotlight and clinching Double Gold in both the highly competitive 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay and the 4 x 25m Medley Relay. A spirited display of teamwork and skill illuminated the pool as they celebrated their remarkable dual victories.  This meant that all the Year 6 pupils went home with at least two medals each.  We just hope classmates and supporters Thalia and Caidee on the sidelines still have voices from their cheering!

Praising all those who contributed to the success of the event, including Swim Bournemouth for orchestrating the proceedings, as well as the dedicated volunteers and officials who played integral roles in hosting the gala. Here’s to the hope that it ignites local youngsters, inspiring them to delve into the wonderful world of swimming. A resounding “Well done” to our exceptional Talbot Heath pupils, coaches, team support and parents for their outstanding performances and dedication.






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