TH Architecture Club

The TH Design department were pleased to announce the prize winners from their architecture club at the end of last term. 31 senior pupils in the architecture club spent 9 weeks designing a house for 2040. They learned about a different aspect of architecture at the start of each session – for example, sustainability, biodiversity, smart tech) – and they were encouraged to incorporate the different elements into a CAD design of their own. The final pieces of work are outstanding and on display in the Hub foyer. Former pupil, Niki Bagshawe, who works for Hoare Lea, an award winning architectural firm, judged the designs and trophies were awarded to the winners of each category.

Thanks go to the design firm Hoare Lea, and to Andy Morris for their time and expertise.

The prizewinners were as follows:

– Biodiversity award: Oonagh T – Upper 3

– Multigenerational living award: Mia L and Olivia S – Upper 3

– Originality award: Emily W – Upper 3

– Best of use materials award: Lucy S – Upper 3

– Community living award: Olivia H – Lower 6

– Sustainability award: Bronwen A – Upper 3

– Top Upper 3 entry: Eliana E

– Top Lower 4 entry: Layla R

– Top Upper 4 entry: Chloe P

– Top Key Stage 4/5 entry: Zuzanna B

– Innovation award: Emmeline R




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