This week I have felt like a dormouse

This week I have felt like a dormouse coming out of hibernation ( though not many dormice work flat out during the winter, so perhaps this is a poor analogy). I suppose, I am referring to the excitement of spring and the possible venturing forth into the world, after a period of winter confinement.

My office, home and garden have been filled with daffodils and birdsong. I love the fact that a requirement to ‘ventilate’ has meant that the elements and nature are part of my everyday life, in a way that they might not have been pre-pandemic.

The imminent whole school reopening and the return of children’s voices in corridors and woods, signifies that brighter times lie ahead. We may emerge from our burrows, rubbing our eyes and wondering where we put the PE kits three months ago. Perhaps we will realise that shoes and uniforms have been grown out of by children who have shot up, while their outside worlds have been put on hold. The change of mood brought by the milder weather, blue skies and route map out of lockdown is palpable and, though winter is still with us, we are tentatively preparing for sunnier days.

Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’, performed brilliantly by our string ensemble in assembly this morning, filled my heart with joy and indicated that it is time to put the factor 50 and shades back in the rucksack.

Wishing you all a blooming weekend of sunshine and rugby.


If you have ever wondered what a Dormouse hibernating looks like, Dorset Wildlife Trust captured these delightful moments on film!

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