Upper 4 Experience World War One Interdisciplinary Lesson

Following on from the Armistice Day commemorations at TH, pupils in Upper 4 also took part in a WW1 trench reenactment experience thanks to the joint efforts of the History and Design departments. The new recruits signed up to fight for King and country at the recruitment station before going through some basic training. Ms Saunders brought in her family’s collection of historic WW1 artefacts to show the girls some very important and interesting items from the Great War. Pupils then had to experience ‘going over the top’ in the recreated trench on the Hub stage. Whilst they were making their way back from no-man’s land they had to survive a gas attack. Unfortunately every pupil picked up an injury which needed treatment at the field hospital.


Some much needed R&R was needed after all the excitement which was in the form of tea and cake by the campfire. All students were demobbed successfully before their next lesson.

Thanks go to all the staff involved who made it such a memorable experience.

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