Year 3 Enjoy Eggsellent Interdisciplinary Learning

Why does everyone love hard-boiled eggs in the morning? They’re hard to beat! And so are Mr Morris' interdisciplinary lessons…

Year 3 took part in a science/ design lesson this week, where they were asked to help Eggbert fulfil his lifetime ambition to become a skydiver. Learning about gravity, air resistance, surface area and impact, the pupils were tasked with designing and making their own parachute and egg container for Eggbert and his friends; these designs were tested by dropping them over the balcony in the Hub. There were quite a few scrambled eggs by the end of the day but seven intrepid eggineers succeeded in producing a design to keep Eggbert safe. 

They were all awarded star maker badges for being a smart omelet [egg-heads!] Well done Year 3!


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