Talbot Heath

Liz Pugh

Our Family

I am passionate about education and see the primary phase as fundamental in shaping a child's attitude to life and learning.


I started my teaching career in 1990. After teaching from Reception to Year 7 in a variety of settings, I joined Talbot Heath as a Year 2 teacher in 2007. After three very enjoyable years I moved into the junior department as Send coordinator, Gifted and Talented coordinator and a Year 5 form tutor.  As Deputy Head and Pastoral Lead I see a crucial element of my  role as one of support; for Mrs Weber-Spokes, the staff of junior school and of course, the girls. Being a caring, empathetic person I am looking forward to using my skills in the service of the Talbot Heath community. My role also involves the overseeing of many of the day to day aspects of the junior school and I am excited to be looking at these with a questioning mind, in order to ensure we develop interested, inquisitive and resilient learners who are fully prepared educationally and emotionally for senior school and all the opportunities that offers.

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