Talbot Heath

Boarding House Leavers' Party


It was a beautiful summer’s evening for the Boarding House leavers’ party on Friday evening, which took place on Boarder’s Green. Much fun was had by the boarding community as they enjoyed activities such as laser tag and a photo booth, where everybody had group photos taken with their friends using props such as hats and giant glasses. The photos were signed and stuck into an album, which is to be kept in the Boarding House Lounge. Between activities the girls picnicked on the Green and enjoyed socialising with their friends and teachers, as well as indulging in the sweet treats on offer, including ice-cream, popcorn and candyfloss. Towards the end of the party the girls had a water fight using pistols, cups and even jugs! Needless to say they were all very wet, including some of the teachers. Everyone had a great evening and was the perfect end to another successful year in the boarding house. Thanks go to the staff that helped to organise this special event.

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