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Author Visit Inspires Pupils

Guest Speakers

As part of the Lunchtime Lectures programme Professor Eleanor Nesbitt visited the school at the start of July 2014. She is Professor Emeritus at Warwick University and her specialisms include Hinduism and Sikhism and the religious socialisation of young people of these faiths.

She has also been a lifelong creative writer, particularly of poetry and spent some time sharing with her audience how, and where, she writes and what makes her write. She was especially proud of her first published poem, about her cat Persil, which appeared in the school magazine.

Her audience was made up of the Senior and Junior Creative Writing Groups, interested Sixth Formers, philosophy and religious studies students, Volunteer Librarians and staff.

It was much enjoyed by everyone who appreciated the time to think and discuss the creative writing process with someone who had achieved and could share their experience.

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