Talbot Heath

Dorset Geographical Association - Spring Conference

Guest Speakers

Sixth form geography students from across the county joined together on Wednesday 18th March at Talbot Heath school. After consuming numerous pizzas and cake, they listened to Ella Tucker reflecting on her experience last summer of helping in a crèche in South Africa. She spoke of the challenges facing young children in South Africa trying to gain a decent education and improve their life chances. Then Prof Richard Harris, a lecturer in quantitative geography from the University of Bristol challenged our ideas of 'white flight' from London and ethnic segregation. The evening finished with a talk from Richard Garton about South Africa and the development gap. He spoke of the history of apartheid and how even now, twenty years after the end of the system dividing people on the colour of their skins, there are still huge disparities of wealth and opportunities between white and black South Africans.

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