Talbot Heath

Into the Woods

Workshops & Events

The release of the musical film ‘Into the Woods’ earlier this year offered thrills and adventure to those who ventured into the woods; now the girls at Talbot Heath School are discovering thrills, skills and adventure of their own in the on-site woodland thanks to the exciting launch of the Forest School Initiative. Led by Claudia Bailey, who runs Wildwood Forest School in Hampshire, and kindly funded by the PSS, the initiative involves all pupils at Talbot Heath from 3 to 18 years of age.

The philosophy of Forest School was based upon the desire to provide children with an education which encouraged appreciation of the natural world and a responsibility for its conservation, whilst supporting the development of each child’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Fire pits have been dug by the site team, the sawing and chopping areas have been built and camps have been prepared for the venture. Pre-prep and Junior children will have specific sessions in the woods, while Senior pupils will have a chance to get involved during their lunchtimes.

A launch event in the summer, entitled ‘Voices in the Woods’, will provide a celebration of the woodland through pieces of literature and art produced by the pupils, inspired by the woods. The campus woodland has always been a fundamental part of school life and a learning environment at TH, going back 100 years, and this initiative promises to make the most of this wonderful resource.

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