Talbot Heath

Bishop Jered Visits from Rwanda

Guest Speakers

Bishop Jered Kalimba from the Shyogwe diocese in Rwanda was the guest speaker at Talbot Heath School in a special assembly this week. The bishop works closely with members of Talbot Heath’s sister school in Rwanda, College St Emmanuel, and brought a special message of thanks for the Rothesay Road community for all of their support. Bishop Jered spoke about the key differences between the two schools focusing on the extreme poverty as the main challenge in Rwanda. What unites the two schools ‘is being human’ he said, ‘the students are the same, smiling, crying or being happy. Humanity unites us’, adding, ‘the best thing for children is to know God and to have education.’ Bishop Jered succeeded in teaching the assembly a Rwandan song which was followed by a prayer of thanksgiving and presentations.

A personalised banner, made jointly by the Stitchers group and Christian Union pupils and parents, was presented to Bishop Jered for the school, along with a cheque for £584.00 for the College St Emmanuel. Following the success of the TH sponsored walk, which raised £3,000.00 to buy water storage tanks for the Rwandan school last year, the Run for Rwanda campaign was also launched. Team Talbot Heath are taking part in the Bournemouth half-marathon in October, and students, staff and families will be running to raise money for a new roof for the sister school. Thanks go to all of the pupils, parents and staff for their fundraising efforts so far.

(Further details about ‘Run for Rwanda’ can be found on the school website.)


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