Talbot Heath

Royal Opera House Visit

School Trip

Early in the morning on Friday 9th October twelve GCSE/ A-level musicians took the train to London with Miss Williams and Mr Hill. The focus of the day was to watch Mozart's ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ at the Royal Opera House.

A gloriously sunny day greeted the group on arrival in London who took a stroll to the Southbank to enjoy the first (of many) refreshments of the day. It was then a short walk to Covent Garden where the students found themselves outside the Royal Opera House. There was time for a quick, early picnic lunch before going inside to find their seats for the 12 noon matinee performance. The Opera House was stunning in its opulence; climbing up the main stairs to the Amphitheatre seats at least burnt off a few of the calories gained from the many refreshments consumed that day.

'The Marriage of Figaro' is a lengthy opera but one which has, according to Mr Hill, a storyline very similar to the average soap opera on television. The girls managed to follow most of it, as even though it was sung in Italian there were English subtitles - but it was a little confusing at times as to who was doing what with who! It was very exciting to hear the orchestra tuning up and know that the action was about to start.

In the interval the students were fortunate to meet two of the Opera House Orchestra, Marina (clarinet) and Jenny (violin) who explained how many rehearsals they usually had and other interesting facts. It was a great experience to watch an Opera in such a venue and one they would never forget.

Afterwards there was a little time to shop and eat at Covent Garden before returning to the train. A tiring day but a memorable and musical one was had by all. Thanks go to Miss Williams and Mr Hill for organising the visit. 

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