Talbot Heath

FAME Jr. Hits the Right Notes

School Play

Crimped hair, electric blue eye-shadow and luminous leg-warmers; those fabulous fashions of the eighties were worn with pride by the cast of FAME Jr. at Talbot Heath school for the annual production last weekend. It was a successful collaboration between the music and drama faculties and over 50 girls, all working together in a very short space of time – just two days – to create two outstanding performances over the weekend.

FAME Jr. is the follow-on story from the ‘80s hit FAME series on the television (and also the film) and begins with young hopefuls who saw the original film praying they will be admitted to what they regard as the ‘Fame School’. They discover that it takes a lot of hard work to become a star. Their story is set in 1980 and has the hallmarks of the original storyline but also contains new musical numbers alongside Irene Cara’s big hit.

Although the songs were learnt in advance - it is testament to the talents and enthusiasm of the cast and chorus that the result was such a success. The staff would like to commend every one of the girls involved. Thanks also go to the members of staff who were involved, from set building to make-up, lighting to programme design and more.

It was a truly ensemble production.

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