Talbot Heath

EPQ Presentations Impress


Last week the Upper 6 students who have been working on their Extended Project Qualifications all term, presented their final work to staff, pupils and parents. The topics covered by the girls ranged widely but what they all shared was a high quality end result that reflected the time spent researching, writing and displaying their findings. Alongside the longstanding excellence of A-Level results, Talbot Heath school is a centre of excellence for the Extended Project Qualification. The school is proud of its very high place in the national league tables for outstanding EPQ results; this summer the students achieved 100% A or A* for their essays. This year’s EPQs look equally promising so far. Well done to all of the girls on their hard work.

Zelie BatchelorChildhood obesity: nature or nurture.
Mimi CollinsShould the UK leave the EU?
Ellie EdwardsCoastal erosion in the UK, is it inevitable or is there anything we can do to fight back?
Lowri FernyhoughHow did the French civil code affect the rights of woman and how has it since been reversed?
Leora GersonIn what ways are forests represented in the stories of Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood?
Lucy GibsonTo what extent did the French influence English language and culture between the tenth century and the fourteenth century? Why are we not speaking French?
Bethan JamesTo what extent is language the most powerful tool of repression in 1984 by George Orwell?
Sofia WellbelovedAre the women in the novels of Hardy and Bronte depicted as weak and helpless or celebrated as strong and independent?
Valerie YeungComparison between the methods of control in Brave New World and 1984.
Georgina HarrisCan Rothko’s art be fully understood and appreciated if we do not know his intentions and context?
Katie WentworthHow far was poetry used as a political instrument in the first World War?
Georgie PricePsychopaths: nature or nurture?
Lim LiIs targeted molecular therapy a better treatment for head and neck cancer rather than conventional chemotherapy?
Helen M-KingShould Gene Editing During IVF Be Used to Prevent Cystic Fibrosis?
Sara MemonHow effective is using Gene Therapy in treating Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis?
Janice LamWhat is the most effective drug therapy for rheumatoid arthritis?
Alex HouseIs animal testing necessary in the pharmaceutical industry and what are the alternatives?
Emily MooreHippotherapy- to what extent is this a useful adjunct when combined with physiotherapy for children with cerebral palsy?
Georgina LeadleyWill Artificial Intelligence be able to replace doctors and, if so, have we reason to be concerned?


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