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La Galette des Rois

Holidays and Festivals

Written by Olivia Thomas Upper 3

On the 6th January all of us in year 7 had a special French lesson which began in the dining room to try some Galette des Rois (a puff pastry pie filled with frangipane, tradionally eaten on Twelfth Night.) We learnt that it translates as the Cake of the Kings because it traditionally has a paper crown on it. Fèves had been hidden in some of the cakes, they were small models of the wise men. This is because it was Epiphany, the day when the wise men met Jesus. After we had finished we went back to the classroom and learnt a French song. It went like this:

J'aime la galette

Savez-vous comment?

Quand Elle est bien faite

Avec du beurre dedans

Tralalala lalala lalère

Tralalala lalala lala

Crowns were also made to put on the top of the cake and the person with the best crown won a prize. The youngest person in the room had to hide under the table and decide who should have each piece of cake, it is a tradition that dates back to 1311 and whoever had the fève in their slice of cake became king or queen for the day.

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