Talbot Heath

Stargirl Molly Models DIY Spacesuit for BBC


Talbot Heath pupil and space enthusiast, Molly Taylor, appeared on BBC television during the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures at the end of December. The second lecture, How to Survive in Space: Life in Orbit, was broadcast on television on 29th December where presenter Kevin Fong explored life in orbit on board the International Space Station. The 12-year-old, whose favourite subject is science, was called up on stage as a volunteer to be dressed in a build-your-own spacesuit. Molly said it was a very exciting experience and fascinating lecture, adding, ‘I was really happy when I was chosen at the lecture because I really wanted to be involved and learn more about space.’

Molly explained her fascination with space saying, ‘I love space because there are always new things to learn about and you never know where astronauts go next.’ She has already been fully involved in the space related events at Talbot Heath (which are running throughout the year) having attended the evening lecture at the school by local space expert Mr Bill Coombes, and is particularly excited about the arrival of an inflatable planetarium at the school later this term.

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