Talbot Heath

Lower 4 Visit Living Rainforest

School Trip

On the 10th of February Lower 4 visited the Living Rainforest in Newbury (home to 700 species of plants and animals) to learn about the amazing adaptations that both plants and animals have to survive in the tropical environment. The girls investigated pitcher plants and toucans and a whole host of other species including the incredible black magic plant. This year they had a great view of the sloth too! One of the Lower 4 members, Charlotte Feilden, is actually related to the founder of the original ‘Wyld Court Rainforest’ Sir William Cooke and the director of the Living rainforest Karl Hansen spent time chatting with Charlotte about her family connection.

For two members of Lower 4, Olivia Perera and Saski Green, it was extra special as they had won a Keeper’s Experience. Here is what Saskia thought of her time:

‘The animals we chose were pygmy marmosets, Goeldi monkeys and chameleons. Both the monkeys and marmosets were fed fruit, chicken but the most popular food we fed them were the live mealworms, bugs and insects. We had to prepare the food which was a great experience but very scary because we had to pick up the bugs with our hands and they were still alive! I eventually managed to handle the ‘food’ but it was extremely hard! As we went to feed the marmosets we realised they were particularly shy as there was baby who had been born in December. The Goeldi monkeys were bigger and more interactive because they came and took the food out of our hands. However, both animals were amazing! After this, we went to feed worms to the two chameleons. They were both extremely slow and only one ate but we got some good photos and they are very interesting to watch. We weren’t able to hold the animals but it was amazing seeing animals behind the scenes and I felt very privileged to have won.’

Thanks go to the Geography department for organising the visit.

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