Talbot Heath

A Cut Above the Rest


Eleven pupils and one member of staff from Talbot Heath school all had their hair cut in school last week for charity. It was to raise money and awareness for the Little Princess Trust which makes real hair wigs for children who have had hair loss through chemotherapy during their cancer treatment. The cut plaits had to be at least 7 inches (17cm) in length for the wigs and three hair stylists came to the school from A'Courts Salon, Castlepoint in Bournemouth to cut and style the girls’ hair. Helen Etches-A'Courts, Serena Sugars and Toni Cann generously gave up their time, free of charge, to take part in event which was organised by Upper 4 pupil Faith Bellamy.

Many more girls in the year group came forward offering to donate hair but due to logistics and timing the following girls were able to donate: Darina Osipenkova (Upper 5), Faith Bellamy, Cydney Chapman, Felicity Taylor, Rosie Guyer, Boo Eaton and Martha Pawson (all in Upper 4), Olivia Nelson, Zoe McInnes, Hebe Brown (all Upper 3) and Mrs Hayley Luke (staff) all took part. Olivia Thomas (Upper 3) had her hair cut off the previous week for the charity, (she was out of school with sporting commitments during the event.)

Asked why she chose this charity Faith said, ‘If I can make another child happy by doing something as simple as cutting my hair then it seems like a good thing to do and my hair will always grow back. Getting used to losing your hair is much more difficult than getting used to shorter hair.’ The Head spoke about the event in assembly which focused on the theme of service to others and said those involved were 'an excellent example of putting others before themselves' adding, 'it was a generous and compassionate act that we applaud and encourage.’

So far the money raised for the charity in in excess of £1000 and it is already being proposed for a charity event next year. Thanks go to all of the girls, staff and parents who supported and participated in the event and particular thanks go to A'Courts Salon for their time and make the event such a success.

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