Talbot Heath

Students Seeing Stars

Workshops & Events

The PSS very kindly funded this exciting opportunity to have an inflatable planetarium for the students at Talbot Heath. Every student in the school from Year 1 right through to the Sixth Form had the unique opportunity to enjoy a lesson inside the planetarium where they enjoyed a talk on space related matters (tailored to each age group) which were presented by Bob Mizon MBE.

The talks began with students entering the planetarium and sitting in a circle looking up at a dull grey ceiling... not what students were expecting. Bob Mizon explained this is what you normally see in a UK sky... a cloudy dull grey sky. The lights dimmed to reveal patterns and shapes on the ceiling, these were the constellations, which began to slowly rotate across the ceiling to show how the stars appear to move across the sky. Bob recounted stories from the ancient Egyptians to Native Americans as to how they interpreted the patterns in the sky. The talk also included the science behind days, seasons and years and finished with a tour of the planets and stars.
Thanks go to Mr Mizon, to Mr Gibson for organising the event, and to the PSS for their funding.

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