Talbot Heath

GCSE Musicians Perform


In an evening of harmony and creativity our Upper 5 GCSE Musicians had the opportunity to demonstrate their considerable musical talents to their parents and some staff members. A range of composition skills were on display with exciting Irish Jigs - imaginatively named: ‘Iggle Jiggle’, i be jiggin’ and ‘Jigglypuff’ - to Stefanie’s elegant ‘Dolce and Gabana’ Waltz and Helena’s cleverly structured ‘Theme and Variations’.

The girls also performed solo pieces followed by related compositions for their relevant first study instrument or voice. Izzie’s ‘Minstrel Boy’ with side drum and viola accompaniment caught the audiences imagination whilst Stefanie’s ode to ‘Alexander McQueen’ brought poignancy and calm. Lizzie’s fast and moody sonata ‘Tempestuoso’ for solo piano was mature in style whilst Eloise’s ‘Felicemente’ for Marimba was simply charming. The concert ended on a happy and vibrant note with Helena’s ‘Moto Perpetuo’. Well done - and good luck - to our creative Upper 5 group!

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