Talbot Heath

'SS Disaster' Launch


The girls at TH are certainly making a splash in the engineering world as science teacher, Mrs Hayley Luke, was launched in the school swimming pool in a life-sized model of a boat engineered by the STEM team. The boat - made from plastic bottles, cling film, glue and tape - was the winning design from the team who won the local Soroptomist Engineering challenge earlier in March. Their design was in response to the challenge of designing an item that would improve the lives of those living in developing countries; they created the boat made out of plastic bottles that would act as a life raft during floods in Bangladesh. It was the school’s first involvement with this initiative and all the girls involved had worked very hard to realise their design. Each of the girls were awarded £50 and £250 was awarded to the school.

Mrs Holloway officially named the boat the 'SS Disaster' and launched it with a bottle of water, in front of the whole school, Mrs Luke then boarded the raft to the music of 'Mission Impossible.' The prototype raft made it halfway across the pool before it  incurred some engineering faults and Mrs Luke had to abandon ship.

Congratulations go to the STEM team for their innovative idea and a huge thank you goes to Mrs Luke for leading the STEM group this year and for being such a good sport.

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