Talbot Heath

MFL Department Present French Shakespeare


Girls from Upper 3 to Lower 5 performed Songe d’une Nuit d’Ete adapted by French teacher Miss Guegan. Having spent several months learning their French lines, working on their acting, dancing and singing, all the girls involved gave an outstanding performance on the day. The show revealed great talents in acting as well as their ability to deliver their French with confidence and accuracy. Particularly memorable moments for the audience were when Titania (played by Molly Taylor) sang ‘A Woman in Love’ to her donkey and also when Pyramus and Thisbe died.

Mrs Holloway said how impressed she was by the girls’ performances, ‘not only in their acting, dancing and singing, but by speaking French with flair, fluency and much fun.’ Well done to all the girls who took part and to the MFL department.


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