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EPQ Presentations Impress

EPQ Evening

The EPQ topics covered by the girls ranged widely but what they all shared was a high quality end result that reflected the time and hard work spent researching, writing and displaying their findings. A variety of fascinating topics were covered that stemmed from individual interests or linked to the girls’ chosen university courses or future career paths.

Alongside the longstanding excellence of A-Level results, Talbot Heath school is one of the top schools nationally for the Extended Project Qualification. Indeed, this summer the students achieved 85% A or A* for their essays; this year’s EPQs look equally promising so far;  well done to all of the girls on their hard work. EPQ co-ordinator, Anna Karanja said,’ The girls have worked really hard on their projects and I was really proud of them this evening as they spoke very passionately and eloquently about their chosen topics. I would particularly like to thank their supervisors who have worked very hard to support them on their EPQ journey.’  

Thanks go to everyone who supported the EPQ event and spoke to the girls or took the time to fill in the questionnaires. The girls received some excellent feedback - both verbal and written; at least 150 questionnaires were filled in which will really help the girls with evidence for their project.




EPQ Title

Emily Berridge

To what extent do Hardy and Zola, in their novels ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ and ‘Thérèse Raquin’ respectively, challenge the social norms of women at the time?

Vinci Cheng

How effective have the government’s attempts been to resolve the housing problem in Hong Kong?

Lucy Edbrooke


Why is there inequality within Sport?


Ursula Gannon

Could autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplants be used as successfully in treating multiple sclerosis as they have been in treating multiple myeloma?

Sophie Griffiths

Should more focus be put on advances into treatment of adult cancer or children’s cancer?

Sophie Holloway

What were the causes of the financial crisis of 2008 and what were the immediate to short term effects on the US population?

Millie Horlock

To what extent have attitudes to people with Down’s syndrome changed from the 1950s to today?

Elizabeth Jarrold

How far did Marxism influence the communist ideologies of the People’s Republic of China, and to what extent are these ideologies still retained today?

Nerissa Lee

To what extent do human activities influence major Biogeochemical cycles?

Lily Li

How has Photoshop been used to create a misconception of the female form?

Emily McPartland

Is the Death Penalty an effective deterrent in the USA?


Celia Millar

The ethical dilemmas posed by treatment decisions in the NHS.

Jaime Ng

Population problems in India and the UK.


Emily Plumb

The psychological and social impacts of Breast Cancer.


Charlie Sidaway

To what extent can intelligence be developed, using H. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence?

Serena Turtle

To what extent did Vincent Van Gogh’s mental health affect his artwork throughout his life?

Maddy Whitworth

What causes an Animal Phobia?



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