Talbot Heath

Digital Geniuses

Another exciting announcement in 2017 is that we have been selected as an Apple Regional Training Centre! We are one of only a few schools in the UK and the only secondary school in Dorset to receive this accolade.

It displays our commitment to pedagogy, sharing best practice and displays our position in the the local community to support, enhance and transform teaching and learning outcomes, both at our school and other schools in the local community.  

We look forward to continuing and enhancing our relationship with Apple and local institutions to develop our facilities further to mark our place at the forefront of educational technology and look forward to working with pupils, parents, peers at other institutions and eventually the general public in future.

Our Digital Geniuses

Our Genius Bar is similar to the helpdesks found in Apple stores. This is a designated area in the Senior school where both pupils and staff will be able to receive help and training on a range of topics, related to both iPad and apps. Our specially selected Digital Geniuses will be staffing the bar and will be trained on using a plethora of essential educational apps. The can be recognised by their distinctive badges.

The Digital Geniuses are also available within lessons to assist other pupils and staff and receive special training, equipment and educational visits to help them to fulfil their role.