BIMA Digital Day Competition

40 girls from Upper 3 to Upper 6 were invited to take part in the national BIMA Digital Day competition recently.

The digital economy has been growing at twice the rate of the broader economy, and Digital Day aims to give pupils an insight into digital careers and address the potential skills shortage that will exist if this growth continues. In 2030, when a lot of TH girls will be entering the jobs market, over 60% of the jobs that will be available to them do not currently exist. Students were joined by three representatives from Salo Creative who led the girls in teams, helping them develop their digital solutions. The brief, set by Vue Cinemas, was to consider how they can use technology and digital solutions to incentivise more young people to choose cinema over other entertainment sources. Girls worked in teams to design their solution, demonstrating excellent teamwork, communication and creativity throughout the day. In the afternoon they presented their idea to the judges – congratulations to Ruby, Layla, Eliza and Edda from Upper 4 whose app idea ‘Quick Vue’ will go forward to the national competition.

Mrs Eels, Mrs McGill and the team from Salo Creative were so impressed with the level of enthusiasm and collaboration throughout the day, all 8 teams came up with a unique idea, ranging from apps, to 4D experiences to robots and interactive cinema chairs.

Thanks go to staff for organising the event.

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