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Considering our impact on others

Having listened to the news yesterday, it made me think about the power of words and prompted me to revisit one of my favourite assemblies with Pre-Prep. I collected some sticks and stones and talked to the girls about the rhyme and words never hurting. 

I don’t agree with the saying as I think words can be incredibly hurtful.  Whereas a physical injury will heal with time, a cross or spiteful word can last and inflict a lifetime of pain or shame. 

Currently, the revelations about politicians and cricketers, reinforce the message that the pen or keyboard, keypad is mightier than the sword and casts a very long shadow.  

In our online world it is too easy to ping those heat of the moment words that can do so much damage. We all have our moments of anger, think the worst of people and jump to often incorrect conclusions, but the ways we can now communicate make our access to others instant and doesn’t allow time for thought. 

We are very determined here to ensure that pupils learn to think the best and say the best about those around them. 

In classrooms, we have notices that remind everyone to, ‘think before they speak and to ask, are your words kind, necessary or helpful?’

At TH we help the girls become discerning users of social media, able to think critically about what they read and think before they write.

This short piece, sent via WhatsApp is a welcome reminder of our impact and the positive effect our words and social media can have. 

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