Dorset Police Visit TH

Tom Green from SSCT Dorset Police delivered SRE workshops to students in Upper 5 and Lower 5 at the end of half term. The workshops were interactive and engaging, allowing students to learn important information on how to stay safe as well as ask questions about the law. In the session students explored what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like and how they should expect to be treated in a loving and stable partnership. Most importantly, the session also highlighted that some behaviours within relationships are criminal, including violent behaviour and coercive control; students explored the importance of consent, what constitutes sexual violence and why these are always unacceptable. Grooming was also considered in the workshop and how students could tell whether someone they know is being exploited. Students went away with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves and their friends from harmful relationships.

Thanks go to Sophie Manley for organising these valuable sessions and also to Tom Green for delivering them.

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