EYFS – The future starts here at Talbot Heath

‘The future starts here…’

It was Bill Gates who said that the first five years have so much to do with how the next eighty turn out. At Talbot Heath we believe in the importance of strong educational foundations and close collaboration with parents so that a holistic, consistent approach is fostered which ensures each child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs are met.  Therefore, in a fast changing world full of increasing challenges, how do we prepare our children for the future? 

Making the most of every opportunity’

At Talbot Heath, developing confidence, resilience and perseverance through a broad and rich curriculum, is at the heart of what we do. Expert, dedicated and caring practitioners deliver phonics, numeracy, PE (including swimming), Modern Foreign Languages, music, art and design, enabling our children to explore, play and initiate their learning. Trips to local shops, parks and libraries embed learning in real experiences. 

Our weekly Forest School sessions give plenty of opportunity to be learner focused; assessing risk, making decisions, working collaboratively and being independent… and most essentially, having plenty of muddy fun!

‘Keeping it real in a virtual world’

We appreciate that being digitally proficient is a vital element of growing up for today’s children. The ability to understand and use technology safely and responsibly starts at a young age here at Talbot Heath. Our pupils have access to a 1:1 school ipad to use as a tool to enhance and enrich their learning. Alongside this, by using our woodland campus, our children understand and appreciate the importance of their environment, their place within it and how to be sustainable. Whether it be growing vegetables, playing  with friends in the secret garden or reading a book in the sunshine, we make sure that our pupils get the real childhood they deserve. 


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