Smartsack Year 1 – 6

In Year 1 the girls will be issued with a Smartsack. This will last them all the way through their junior school education. It is an over-the-chair storage system that will allow the children to keep their essential equipment close to hand during the school day. It will alleviate the problem of the children leaving their books on the floor under their desks, which is, of course, a health and safety issue. The children will be able to keep their water bottle in the Smartsack in an insulated pocket, as well as their reading books and homework in the other three storage areas. This will help their organisations, as everything that they need to take home at the end of the day can be stored in the Smartsack, ready to be transferred into their school bags. The Smartsack even features a padded seat back which may encourage the children to sit upright, rather than slouching forwards.

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