Swimming Academy Booking Form

Enrolment Form

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Please read the Talbot Heath Swimming Academy Guide, before completing this form:

The Purpose of this form is to

  1. Request a trial with the Talbot Heath Swimming Academy
  2. Compete enrolment details for the Talbot Heath Swimming Academy
  3. Declare your daughters health.
  4. Inform us of emergency contact details and medical information.

A separate form is require for each girl that would like to join the swimming academy

All information contained within this form will be used by Talbot Heath Swimming Academy Head Coach, Coaches and Coaches to identify which squad your daughter should participate in.

Pupils Name*
Which squad do you feel would be most appropriate for your daughter to trial*
Parent Name – Emergency Contact*
Name of Parent to be included in the Swimming Academy parent whatsapp group*
Does your daughter have any underlying medical conditions?
I agree to sign up my daughter for the swimming Academy, I have read the TH swimming Academy Guide. I understand that should I chose to cancel membership of the Academy I need to give half a terms notice in writing.*

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