Future Focused. Our groundbreaking curriculum.

Talbot Heath is blazing a trail with its groundbreaking educational model that aims to prepare its students, from the age of 3 to 18, for the exciting future that awaits them. Its ten year ‘Think Big’ vision will see the establishment of a new whole school curriculum that will provide every student with an education in design-thinking, digital proficiency, material science, problem-solving and ethics.

Already the No.1 performing academic school in Dorset, we are determined to offer our pupils an education fit for the exciting future that awaits them – one of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and global solutions to global problems. Instead of regressing back to the 1950s with a curriculum that focuses on rote learning, as so many schools are being forced to do, Talbot Heath will prepare pupils for 2050. The career pathways that 50 % of our young people will follow currently do not exist, that much is sure, such is the speed of change within our world. The skill sets that they will require, however, are known. School leavers will need to be creative, adaptable, resilient, digitally proficient, able to work independently and collaboratively. We cannot afford for our young people to be data rich and skills poor.

This is why, at Talbot Heath, while retaining the high academic standards and intellectual rigour for which we are known, in Sept 2018 we launched an innovative new curriculum model. Many believe that the future will be powered by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). Our new programme will ensure that all of our pupils leave school confident in these areas, regardless of the pathway that they choose. We will be working with experts from universities and industry to deliver dynamic, cutting-edge projects and opportunities. We are delighted to be working with BU, AUB, Southampton University and UCL, as well as Siemens, Atlas Elektronik , Pavilion Dance and RMP Filmmakers, among many others

In addition, our pupils will be taught in an interdisciplinary way for a number of lessons each term, seeing the links between subjects-a model that high-performing companies and universities are adopting globally. Physicists have to be able to think like artists, students of literature need to have an appreciation of History, Politics and Art. Our pupils will look at the Maths and Physics of the ancient temples in their Classics lessons, learning how to model both digitally and practically, understanding the importance of design, structure, purpose, sustainability and production. In History, they will look at the combustion engine in detail and consider how a development in Science changed the nature of society for ever.

In order to facilitate our new vision, Talbot Heath is building a state of the art interdisciplinary and STEAM learning Hub which will incorporate augmented reality and holographic studios, a 600 seater auditorium, a gallery space, a green screen studio, art, design, textiles, robotics, electronics, drama and food studios. In addition the complex will include an indoor pool which will be home to our new Swimming Academy – we already the No.1 tennis school for girls in the UK and are representing GB at the national Netball World Cup, we shall be aiming for such heights with our Swimming programme too.

This iconic building will open in Spring 2019, providing a wonderful facility for the School and local community.

Talbot Heath is thriving and pioneering innovative education, inspiring others to follow where it is leading. These are exciting times at Talbot Heath. We are determined to educate our children for their future and not our past.

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