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I believe traditions have a valuable place in our lives

On Friday we celebrated the 136th Birthday of Talbot Heath. The day always begins with the cutting of the cake and the morning always concludes with a special service in the main quad around the lily pond. Certain processional hymns are sung, heather is worn and with the exception of staff and Upper Sixth, school closes at 12.30pm.

After a special lunch, the afternoon is spent talking with the pupils and wishing them well for their A levels and the careers and tantalising opportunities that lie ahead. It is a moment of real affirmation for staff, who have laid the educational foundations, often from Pre-Prep days, and built the experiences that have shaped these young women who are ready to take their place in the future.

This day has followed the same format for the last 135 years. Some of you may question why we do this each year and question its relevance in 2022. 

Having been a teacher in Pre-Prep and Junior School and now being Head of Junior School, I strongly believe the day has real significance for every member of our school. The day is steeped in tradition. I believe traditions have a valuable place in our lives, providing a structure, constant and framework amongst the fast pace of innovation and change in our lives. The birthday is a fixed point, stills the busyness of school life, encouraging us to reflect on the longevity of our school and our place within. The day binds us all together as a community with a common purpose of following and furthering the vision of Mary Broad. It reaffirms our shared commitment to providing a first class education for girls based on the principles of working to our best, caring for those around us and living and learning ‘Honour before Honours.’

Warm wishes for the week ahead.


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