ISA Regional Championships November 2023

On a crisp November morning, the Swim Team headed north to Millfield to compete in the Independent Schools Association Regional Swimming Gala. For the youngest pupils, it would be their first competitive experience, for the experienced swimming pupils, it would be an opportunity to win the regional event and earn a place on the ISA South West Team that competes in the National Championships in December at the iconic London Aquatic Centre.

The performance of the team was underpinned by the caring parents who travelled as Chaperones, Official and supporters and in typical Talbot Heath fashion, a teacher from another school commented on how impressed she was in seeing our older pupils nurture the younger pupils, guiding them during warm-ups, and offering pre-race talks and advice around the competition.

The team earned an impressive 28 top 3 places, with 12 Golds earned by 6 swimmers (Caidee, Daria, Victoria, Bertie, Halle & Betsy), 10 Silvers (Thalia, Alex, Florence x 2, Theia, Blossom x 2, Lottie, Erin, Polly G), 7 Bronze (Lara x 2, Alex, Lottie, Erin & Katherine x 2). Indeed, every pupil in the team made at least a top 10 finish.

Congratulations go to the following pupils who qualified for the ISA South West Team:

  • Caidee S, Thalia M, Lara M, Florence C, Victoria H, Daria K, Halle R, Bertie B, Erin M, Betsy V and Polly G.

Full results below:

Junior Pupils – 

Blossom H

  • 7th 50m Breast-stroke
  • 9th 50m Back

Polly W

  • 7th 50m Breast-stroke
  • 6th 50m Free

Lila M

  • 7th 50m Back
  • 8th 50m Free

Jessica MW

  • 4th 50m Breast-stroke
  • 8th 50m Back

Kiara H

  • 5th 50m Breast-stroke
  • 11th 50m Free

Zosia S

  • 6th 50m Back


  • 10th 50m Free

Caidee S

  • 1st 50m Breast-stroke
  • 1st 50m Fly

Thaila M

  • 4th 50m Breast-stroke
  • 2nd 50m Free

Lara M

  • 3rd 50m Back
  • 3rd 50m Free

Alex S

  • 2nd 50m Back
  • 3rd 50m Fly

Senior Pupils

Florence C

  • 2nd 50m Back
  • 2nd 50m Free

Romilly H

  • 4th 50m Breast-stroke
  • 4th 50m Back


  • 1st 50m Back
  • 1st 50m Free

Victoria H

  • 1st 50m Breast-stroke
  • 1st 50m Fly

Theia B

  • 2nd 50m Breast-stroke
  • 4th 50m Back

Blossom M

  • 2nd 200 IM
  • 2nd 50m Fly

Bertie B

  • 1st 100m Free
  • 1st 50m Fly

Lottie V

  • 2nd 100m Breast-stroke
  • 3rd 100m Back

Erin MC

  • 2nd 100m Back
  • 3rd 100m Free

Halle R

  • 1st 200 IM
  • 1st 100 Breast

Polly G

  • 2nd 100 Breast
  • 4th 200m IM

Katherine C

  • 3rd 100m Back
  • 3rd 100m Breast

Betsy V

  • 1st 200IM
  • 1st 100m Back


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