ISA Regional Swimming Gala

The regional round of the ISA Swimming Championships took part at Oxley Sports Centre in Sherbourne on the 9th of November. With the spoils for winners of individual races and top 4 positions in relay events presenting the opportunity to represent the South West Team at the National Finals in December, the Talbot Heath Swimming Academy pupils swam superbly. 

A team of 34 swimmers from Talbot Heath were joined by Academy coaches Barry and Jacob, along with Team Manager, Mrs. Salmond.  Across the 28 events in the program, the TH pupils amassed an impressive 41 top-3 finishes, including an impressive 15 wins. 

Event Wins on the day went  to: 

  • Erin M (200m IM)
  • Catherine E (200m IM, 100 Free, 50 Fly)
  • Caidee S (50m Breast)
  • Halle R (50m BReast)
  • Lottie V (100m Breast, 100m Back)
  • Betsy V (100m Breast, 100m Back)
  • Daria K (50m Free)
  • Victoria H (50m Breast, 50m Fly)
  • Bertie B (50m Free, 50m Fly)

A huge proportion of the South West team will be taken by the 16 pupils from Talbot Heath that have earned selection in relays or in Individual and Relay Events.

  • Aimee M 
  • Betsy V
  • Caidee S
  • Catherine E
  • Daria K
  • Erin M
  • Halle R
  • Lara M
  • Lilly L
  • Lottie V
  • Orla B
  • Polly G
  • Rebecca E
  • Roberta B
  • Thalia M
  • Victoria H

Congratulations go to the whole team; well done to those that competed for the first time, and well done, to all the swimmers for caring, supporting, and cheering for each other. A big thank you also goes to Mrs Salmond and coach Jacob for giving their time and expertise on the day. 

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