Kalimbas! Music and Design Interdisciplinary Day

Senior music scholars took part in an interdisciplinary day for music and design. They each made their own kalimba (African thumb piano) in the workshop in the morning. Using CAD to create their own African inspired pattern, they then had to assemble their kalimba and tune it to pitch. In the afternoon they worked in groups to create their own African tune. 

Music scholars finished the day by working collaboratively to create their own original compositions for the kalimbas alongside other traditional African percussion instruments. Without any teacher input, they worked as a team to find musical patterns which interlocked beautifully and were quite hypnotic to listen to! The outcomes were performed with all the attention to detail one would expect from our talented musicians; we hope they continue to delight audiences at home with their hand made instruments.

Thanks go to the music and design staff for organising.

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