Taking Over the Helm at Talbot Heath  

At the Talbot Heath Speech Day in June, school governor Rebecca Newton, formally acknowledged the departure of the current Head, Angharad Holloway, after 13 years of leadership. Speaking warmly of Angharad’s many achievements, she stated that Speech Day was an opportunity to recognize, ‘our Head Teacher, who is leaving at the end of term, and in celebrating the success of all of our pupils we are acknowledging the great breadth of work from Mrs Holloway that has contributed to the life of Talbot Heath over the last 13 years.’

The highlights of Mrs Holloway’s career have been wide-ranging indeed: from organising the 125th School Birthday celebrations in her first year; championing STEM and developing the interdisciplinary curriculum within the school, through to realising the building of the STEAM Hub; leading the school through the pandemic with the invaluable Zoom! and becoming a key member of the staff band – The Talbot Heathens [Angharad sang and played keyboards for the final time in the staff band at the end of term leaving celebrations]. Also participating in countless extra-curricular events across the school, Mrs Holloway has initiated whole school events such as ‘Strict Teachers Come Dancing’, the Spellbound Literary Festivals and the MFL Linguists’ Dinners, and has taken part in a myriad of charity events, trips [home and away], proms and musical concerts – to name only a few…

All of these events have greatly enriched the school community and have made lasting memories for the pupils, parents and staff involved. Mrs Holloway now heads off in search of new adventures where she is aiming to renovate a boat and learn how to take the helm, before setting off to sea: ‘The plan’ she said, ‘is to cross the channel but I sense I may well be staying around Poole harbour and the Solent for the next two years while I learn the ropes. And no, I have never sailed before, and I am a complete novice, but I like a challenge and am not afraid of doing something new.’

Mrs Newton also welcomed the incoming Head, Tracy Harris: ‘We look forward with excitement to a new chapter in the school’s history as we welcome a new Head Teacher.’ Mrs Harris herself, spoke recently at the new parents’ evening and said: ‘I am thrilled and honoured to be joining the team at Talbot Heath. I am looking forward to building on the tremendous legacy of Mrs Holloway and leading the school into the next phase of its rich and exciting journey. I am eager to meet students, parents and colleagues in September.’

Tracy Harris joins Talbot Heath with a strong background in the leadership of high performing girls’ grammar schools, having previously held posts as Head of Parkstone Grammar School and Senior Deputy Head of South Wilts Grammar School. Her subject specialisms are in teaching history and politics, and she has also been an Ofsted Inspector for eight years. In addition, Tracy has acted as a School Improvement Advisor for two secondary schools; she has a considerable track record of leading and delivering academic excellence in schools, coupled with outstanding pastoral care and experience of developing a productive vision.

As Prospero wills ‘calm seas, and auspicious gales’ at the end of ‘The Tempest’, the Talbot Heath school community would indeed like to wish both Angharad and Tracy the very best of luck for their new journeys ahead. 

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