Talbot Heath lays foundations for bright futures

Our Careers co-ordinator, Miss Collins, organised a series of excellent events, including three talks from ex-pupils who left TH within the past seven years. Beth De Bacci, Grace Howie and Elise Houghton returned to offer an insight into their professional pathways so far. They spoke with self-assuredness, passion and poise about their current roles.

Beth undertook a degree in Biomedical Science and is working in this field, while still developing a successful career as a professional musician; her second single was released this week. Grace completed a degree in Business at Bath, while competing in athletics and biathle at an international level. She currently works for JP Morgan and is developing a mentoring app for young women, alongside her career. Elise left Talbot Heath last year, having gained a highly prestigious apprenticeship role at IBM. She is already flying at the company and is managing a team.

What struck me in the case of all three, is the foundation that Talbot Heath had laid for these bright futures. These young women had developed a positive work ethic, had realised that academic qualifications were essential (regardless of whether one was going to pursue a career in music, sport or technology), had developed drive, resourcefulness, resilience, creativity and self worth during their time with us. They had gone out into the world with a skill set that would enable them to excel. Above all, they had developed principles and qualities that would make them stand out in a crowd.

A credit to the school, they demonstrated what an education at Talbot Heath is all about. They greeted staff effusively, acknowledging the part that our teachers had played in shaping the bright futures that lie ahead of them. They spoke warmly about their time here and how it had prepared them for a life beyond school education.

Our alumnae are such an important part of our community. They represent our past, but also our future, and I am delighted that they are so supportive of our aim to develop opportunities of every kind for our current pupils.

Grace Howie

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