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Thankful Thoughts

Last week,  we held a minute’s silence at 11am and today stopped whilst Mr Hall played the ‘Last Post’ by the poppy cascade to mark Remembrance Day. 

A minute can seem like a long time when you stand still and silent, especially if you are in Kindergarten,  and I am always intrigued each year as to how our pupils will cope with this event. 

Remembrance Day can be a time of sadness and I am always mindful that it may trigger unhappy memories for some pupils.  Therefore, I am always careful to give the pupils something positive to think about during that minute. So today, I suggested they thought of things they were thankful for, or looked at our woods and thought about the autumn leaves and colours. 

I always feel I should think deep and profound thoughts during the Remembrance Silence, but find the enormity of a person sacrificing their life in war, too huge to comprehend.  I am also fearful of remembering past loved ones and being unable to stop a flow of tears. 

Therefore, I fix upon an object or count the sounds I can hear during the hush. 

By protecting myself in this way my mind tends to wander, but far from being disrespectful to those who have paid the ultimate price I was struck by how special a school we have here at TH. Your daughters are able to learn from a team of inspirational and compassionate teachers who all care deeply about the future lives of each and every pupil.  We have a unique and wonderful place here and a school I am proud to serve and humbled to lead.


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